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Original Movie Poster Investment

This is a precis of an item that appeared in : Go to any classic car event, say Beaulieu ( ) or the Goodwood Revival ( ) and you’ll find a wealth of tempting posters that would look great on your living room or office wall (or in the garage if you lose the argument). The ones most […]

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Classic & Sports Car Interview.

In the new C&SC there’s their annual ‘Market Report’. Three main interviews; one with Adolfo Orsi, scion of the Maserati family, one with Alain de Cadenet, and one with me.  Click here to reveal all. Now that I have been christened as ‘Poster Guru’ by the mag., I shall have to take up a more […]

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Winning , Original French Poster, Paul Newman

Winning : Probably the best of all images for this classic racing movie. We also have British, American, Italian, and Belgian versions. This movie went under three titles, depending where it was being shown. ‘Virages’ in France, ‘Indianapolis’ in the rest of Europe, and ‘Winning’ in the UK and US. I also have the small […]

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Friends, Romans, Blogrymen………

OK……..Let’s see if this works. After weeks of fannying about with a blog I didn’t want anyway, it now seems to work. All I have to find is enough babbling egotists, apart from me, to add your incredibly valuable opinions, critiques etc. Feel free to add stuff; if it’s any good, it’ll get a response […]

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Lift Off !

Today’s the day…..all new Drivepast ! Any ideas or suggestions you might have will be welcome. Pedants will be mocked and clever-dicks, abused. WELCOME !

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Bastard Hackers !

So all my contacts get a begging letter,  saying I’m down and out in the Ukraine. My email address had been hacked by some irritating numbnuts, whose punctuation was just awful. Anyway, I sorted it out with the server, and all seems to be normal again. There were even a couple of US friends who […]

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And another thing………..

Why not tell me where you heard about Drivepast; did we meet at a show, was it a search engine, a magazine ad., editorial somewhere ? Were you trying to track down a movie ? A car in a movie ? Aperson in a movie ? Let me know, so that we can adapt the […]

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Hello world!

A new bloggy, newsy thing from Drivepast, and first up: There are just a dozen copies left of the book that changed the world……a bit.  And I have them. “Motor Movies – The Posters !” is going to undergo a cosmetic change for the last few copies, in the form of a limited edition with […]

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