The Blob Italy 1971

………or beautifully patinated, depending on your point of view.
This is the 1971 re-release of THE BLOB, with six scenes and eight STEVE McQUEEN portraits.
It is readily apparent that THE BLOB was re-released after the Italian success of LE MANS, as this set puts far greater emphasis on McQueen, than did the 1959 set (which is also listed here) when as a novice in his first starring role, he was billed as Steven McQueen, although even in these, it was felt necessary to give McQueen the gravitas of a pipe! Ask me for further details on condition, or individual pix.
The price of the full set is considerably less, proportionately, than buying one or two individuals.

Origin: Italy 1971
Size: 26 x 18 in / 66 x 46 cm
Condition: Six poster set. Cinema used. Edge wear, fold marks, small tears...........

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