Marconiphone - 1940s Original Advertising Poster

Marconiphone – Weather Report Radio, 1940s UK

Wonderful bit of original advertising from the 1940s, for the Marconiphone Radio.

Marconi obviously decided to play upon the traditionally foul Brit weather to sell their new radio to warn us off the dreadful tidings to come.

Being a foreigner myself, I wonder about the strange (to me) lack of the word ‘in’ between ‘radio’ and ‘this’. Perhaps the pedants amongst you can enlighten me as to the correctness of this apparent lack.

Anyway: a jolly piece of history which would grace the workshop of any radio dweeb for whom this link should be invaluable:

Condition is intact, some creasing, and a little tape to the rear.

Origin: UK 1945
Size: 40 x 15 in / 102 x 38 cm
Condition: Good

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