TAZIO NUVOLARI - "Quando Corre Nuvolari", Original Movie Poster
taziocisitaziostandingNuvolari 2018

TAZIO NUVOLARI – “Quando Corre Nuvolari”, Original Movie Poster 2018

TAZIO NUVOLARI – “Quando Corre Nuvolari”, ( you’ll see some strange translations of this title, mostly thanks to the hilarious Google Translate) just released in Italian Cinemas, and here is the poster to publicise the movie.

The scene is the 1948 Mille Miglia, the car, the Ferrari 166 Spyder Corsa.

Quite large, and folded as issued.


Two smaller pix are of prints I have done myself, one has Nuvolari in the Cisitalia, the other in a mega back brace.  Both are available on this site.

The third smaller pic. is the Italian ‘locandina’ for the movie, also original, measuring 13 x 27 inches, and costing £75.


Origin: Italy 2018
Size: 55 x 39 in / 140 x 99 cm
Condition: V.Fine

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