The Devil's Hairpin, Italy 1957. Original Movie Poster

The Devil’s Hairpin, Original Italian Movie Poster,1957

The Devil’s Hairpin, Original Italian Movie Poster,1957. This is the huge and magnificent Italian ‘quatrofoglio’ measuring 2 x 1.4 metres.

This giant poster has now undergone light restoration and linen backing by l’Atelier Brigitte Bussiere in Paris, and it looks quite magnificent. Full details on the movie itself, here:

The cars featured on the poster are D-Type Jaguar and Chuck Porter’s Mercedes-Benz ‘300SLS’.

Interesting to note that the Italian artist has listed Joan (instead of the correct Jean) Wallace.

In terms of rarity, this one is very much ‘try and find another’.


Origin: Italy 1957
Size: 58 x 81 in / 147 x 206 cm
Condition: Fine, on linen

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