Hell Drivers Original UK Movie Poster 1957

Hell Drivers – Original UK Movie Poster, 1957

Hell Drivers – Original UK Movie Poster, 1957. A beautiful Brit poster for a dark and violent movie, with an all star cast. More here: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0051713/?ref_=nv_sr_1

The poster itself – my picture is of the actual one you’re buying – is in very good, cinema used condition, There are a few closed, repaired (from the rear) tears that are difficult to spot. There is some wrinkling in the upper quarters which will flatten out with time. There is a gentle damp stain on the ‘Dr’ of Drivers. But hell, this poster is 60 years old…..I have a few damp stains myself at that age.

You could get the poster linen backed, which would cure all imagined ills, but I am reluctant to do so as it wears its few scars with dignity. And as for the artwork – just outstanding. The poster is folded as issued all those years ago and displays superbly.

Origin: UK 1957
Size: 27 x 40 in / 69 x 102 cm
Condition: Very Good

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