Reach For the Sky, Original Movie Poster 1956

Reach For the Sky – Huge, Rare, UK 3 Sheet, 1956

Reach For the Sky – Huge, Rare, UK 3 Sheet, 1956.

This very early run, stone-litho 3 sheet is as rare as hell; later 3 sheets of the same year were standard lithography and don’t have the depth of colour of this one, and the definition of huge is c.2m x 1m, or to paraphrase Richard Dreyfuss in ‘Jaws’ “We’re gonna need a bigger wall”.

This is just back from l’Atelier Brigitte Bussiere in Paris, where it has undergone modest restoration and linen backing. The linen backing is particularly desirable in the case of three sheets, as they were printed in two (or three) parts, and are a bugger to display otherwise.

You know the Douglas Bader story, and, no doubt, the movie so I won’t elaborate here, but I will give you this link if you want to follow up on the story:

Condition is outstanding. In terms or artwork, there is no other poster for Reach For the Sky to compare with this.

In my pic, the bottom of the poster is slightly rolled, as I couldn’t hang it high enough to get the whole thing !

The smaller pix are other original, international, items I have for the same film.


Origin: UK 1956
Size: 40 x 80 in / 102 x 203 cm
Condition: Excellent. Linen Backed.

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