Les Sacrifies, Original French Movie Poster - Citroen

Les Sacrifies , Original French Movie Poster,1983

Les Sacrifies , Original French Movie Poster,1983.

The poster for this little known movie is here for the obvious reason: the beautiful Citroen Traction.

This will give you cast details: http://www.allocine.fr/film/fichefilm_gen_cfilm=4588.html

The title has been purloined for “The Expendables” over the past few years.

I wonder whether the director and cast being Algerian and North African could have anything to do with the low status of this film ?

The smaller pix are of three other original French Movie posters we have currently, all portraying the Citroen Traction.

Origin: France 1983
Size: 47 x 63 in / 119 x 160 cm
Condition: Very good.

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