WW2 Propaganda USA 1943 Original Poster

WW2 Propaganda USA 1943 Original Poster

WW2 Propaganda USA 1943 Original Poster. Careless talk, Loose Lips.


The Hairy Hand of Hitler, The Furry Fist of the Fuhrer: no matter how you prefer to think of it, this is very threatening artwork from Stevan Dohanos. The text is not quite up to the snappy “Loose Lips Sink Ships”, but you can’t have everything. The poster was issued by the US War Office in 1943.

The link above is to other images in the same vein, and the small pic on this page is for another, immense US WW2 propaganda poster I have at the moment.

Condition of this one is slightly diminished by fold wear on the second vertical panel, but there is no missing paper, so the poster still displays beautifully.


Origin: USA 1943
Size: 20 x 28 in / 51 x 71 cm
Condition: Very good.

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