Grand Prix Quad Original Movie Poster
Original French Movie Poster 1966gpspainbig3gpmonzalc

Grand Prix Quad . Original UK Movie Poster, 1966

An original  Grand Prix Quad is a rare and highly desired piece, and this one  is the first I’ve had for a couple of years.

Everything you need to know about the movie is out there, with the most recent addition to the files being in “MotorSport” magazine, which has a long piece by my chum Richard Heseltine. Here’s a link:

This quad is in super condition, linen backed while still carrying traces of cinema used patina. Ask for full details.

The small pix are other items for Grand Prix in the Drivepast collection.

Origin: U.K. 1966
Size: 40 x 30 in / 102 x 76 cm

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