La Croisiere Jaune

Croisiere Jaune (La), Citroen Kegresse, French Movie Poster 1972

La Croisiere Jaune, or The Yellow Cruise, was made in 1933 and charted a voyage made aboard the Kegresse, a revolutionary Citroen half-track.

For the full details you really need to read this: ,

and this: .

It’s a remarkable story, and this documentary carried remarkable footage.

This poster was released in 1972 as the documentary was re -released in France.

The smaller picture is for the same documentary, but in a 1950s re-release. This poster is a little larger and costs £85.

I’ll do the two for £120

Origin: France 1972
Size: 17 x 23 in / 43 x 58 cm
Condition: Excellent

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