Livet Kallar

Livet Kallar (l’Appel de la Vie), Original Swedish Movie Poster, 1937.

Livet Kallar was the Swedish title for the German made, French language movie of 1937, l’Appel de la Vie, starring Victor Francen, Renee Devillers, and the delightfully named Suzy Prim, on whom, more here: .

The director was a chap named Georges Neveux, his directorial debut and denouement.

Livet Kallar is not the sort of poster I would normally take into the collection, but there was something about the artwork – by Lundqvist – that seemed to have a whiff of Jean Cocteau about it. Certainly it’s an impressive piece.

Condition is very good apart from a few pinholes, and some light water staining to the left hand side. This could be removed under restoration, but I prefer the patina it has. If your opinion differs I can arrange restoration and linen backing for you, by l’Atelier Brigitte Bussiere in Paris.


Size: 27 x 40 in / 69 x 102 cm

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