Layer Cake 2004

Layer Cake, Original UK Quad, 2004.

Layer Cake, Original UK Quad, 2004.  Version ‘B’ Poster, eschewing the Range Rover for lingerie. Don’t know which is the less dependable.

One for your ‘rogues’ gallery’ and a favourite of mine. Gambon a really nasty bastard. Excellent performances; also particularly liked the demented Kenneth Cranham.

The star however, is obviously this poster, the version ‘b’ quad, which in this case is a little wobbly across the bottom – unlike the subject matter – but displays terrifically well, absolutely like the subject matter.

The small picture is the version A’ poster with the Range Rover, also in my collection, and available on this website.

Yet again, apologies for my crappy photography.


Origin: UK 2004
Size: 40 x 30 in / 102 x 76 cm
Condition: Very good

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